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Common Haematology & Haematology-Oncology Proedures include: 

  • Bone Marrow Examination
  • Transfusion of blood components : Red cells, Platelets, Plasma
  • Therapeutic Venesection/Phlebotomy
  • Administration of Chemotherapy
  • Administration of Immunotherapy & Targeted Therapy
  • Apheresis Procedures & Plasma Exchange
  • Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Mobilisation & Harvest
  • Leukapheresis          


  • You are encouraged to make an appointment with my clinic:
  •  - to make sure that you will be attended to when you come.
  • - to cut short your waiting time.

 Bring your reports

  •  Do not forget to bring your blood test reports, X-rays, scan films and report, pathology report, if any.
  •  If you have a blood-related condition, a repeat blood count on arrival may be necessary.
  •  You do not need to fast if you are only going to have a simple blood test.
  • (FBC-full blood count = CBC-complete blood count)

Language & Communication

  • Should not be a problem.
  • Languages that I speak in : English, Malay, Mandarin,
  • Chinese Dialects(Hokkien, Cantonese)
  • If you speak only a particular foreign language, bring an interpreter or let my receptionist know beforehand.
  • We may be able to arrange Arabic, Korean, and Japanese interpreter.

 Outstation patients / International patients

  •  Let us know beforehand if you need pick-up from the airport or accomodation.
  • We can arrange for our patient liaison officer to be of service to you.

Hospital & Clinic


We provide a range of services including :

  • Out-patient consultation and treatment
  • Haematology & Oncology Daycare with consultation and treatment
  • In-patient consultation & treatment
  • Internal Medicine Consultation & Services
  • Medical Check-up
  • Opinion & Interpretation of Laboratory Test Reports
  • Medical referral to appropriate medical subspecialities when necessary      

​​​Your blood & Imaging Reports

  • We are "paperless" & "filmless" .
  • Our laboratory information system (LIS) in on-line.
  • Laboratory reports can be accessed and viewed from my deskstop computer,  instantly, thus the report turn-around time is short.
  •  X-Ray, CT scan, MRI reports are also on-line.
  • The films and reports can be retrieved and viewed from my desktop computer, instantly
  •  You can choose to have your report in films or in digital format (CD)
  •  It is fine if you choose not to take home a copy of your report(s) or films, as they are stored in our server, can be retrieved anytime.



  • To reduce waiting time :
  • I send your out-patient prescription to the Pharmacy Department electronically (from my deskstop computer)T
  • There are usually two lines at the Pharmacy Department : 
  • one for patients with take-home medications
  • one for patients without take-home medications.


Parking Discount

  • You can enjoy parking rebate for service received from the Hospital.
  • Be sure to obtain a parking coupon before you leave my clinic.